How long did you work in an industrial factory?

I didn’t work full years because I was a temporary worker. I worked with very short contracts. I maybe worked there for about two years, I finished a contract and then, after a month or something like that, they called me back. I worked in different factories.  

At what age did you start and finish?

I started working in a factory when I was 18. It was in La Piara, in Manlleu, and I was there for a month. A long time later I spent about 6 months at Casa Tarradellas. Then I moved to Sabadell, and there I worked in more factories. I finished working in factories when I was  20 or 21.

Why did you leave the factories?

Because I finished my studies.

Which type of factories did you work in?

Most of them were from the food sector.

Are they still open?

Yes, they are.

Were there more women or men working?

There were more women, but it was curious because women didn’t do the same work as men.

So the highest posts were given to the men, weren’t they?

Yes, I remember that in Casa Tarradellas all women worked in the assembly lines, but the people in charge were men.

Which was your position?

I was an operator.

Which was your timetable?

It depended on the contract. I normally worked at night or in the afternoon, when I had no classes at the university.

Do you think you were well paid for all the hours you did?

The pity is that I worked when the “boom” of temporary companies was at its best, and it seemed that you had a good salary (€ 1000 or more), but when you saw the payroll you realized that you quoted little for social security, which in the long run is bad for you because it makes your pension lower.

Was there any robot?

There were machines, but not robots like now, with arms and things like this. There were many things we had to do by ourselves.

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