How long did you work in an industrial factory?

I worked there for a little bit more than 1 year.

At what age did you start and finish?

I started when I was 19/20 years old and I left after 21.

Why did you leave the factory?

I had to go to do the military service.

Which type of factory did you work in?

It was a textile factory.

Is it still open?

No, it has closed.

Why did it close?

A lot of industries left the town and went to another one.

Were there more women or men working? Who had the most important posts?

There were 7 men and a woman, and the men had the most important posts.

Which was your position?

I tinted ribbons.

Which was your timetable?

I worked 7 hours, from 8 am to 3 pm.

Do you think you were well paid for all the hours you did?

Not really.

Was there any robot?

No, there were machines that worked with electricity, but there wasn’t any robot.

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